A day of two halves

There were really two parts to the working day – as is evident by the title of the post!

The first half was really the usual – picking up on things, responding to calls and basically postponing all the paperwork that I could get away with. I was a bit annoyed as one of the reviews I needed to carry out and had arranged in order to coordinate with the agency staff, I then found out had not needed to be changed at all.

The review was fairly straightforward with everyone seeming to be happy with the services that had been provided. I was surprised when the agency sent someone I hadn’t seen for about a year and we had a pleasant conversation.

The second half of the day was a short training session about the new Mental Capacity Act and the changes that that has made to the Client Financial Affairs Department. It was a lot less dull that I made it sound in that last sentence.

It was funny because there were a few people there that I had spoken to on the phone but never met in person and a few people I hadn’t seen for a while. As I said to the man sitting next to me ‘I know you, I’ve spoken to you on the phone – well, I actually think I shouted at you once’

Well, it certainly made some of the other attendees laugh!

The Beginning

For a start, I will explain how I came to this name for the blog. I was on the bus home yesterday and was thinking that although it would be fun to write blogs about my interests, it would possibly be more involving and interesting if I wrote about my work.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore some of the issues that I am confronted with work and writing about something more personal and involving is also much more likely to be interesting to others.

I’m not at all sure yet if there will be an audience for this blog at all. I am not sure that I want there to be an audience. Not yet, anyhow – but mostly I want to see if writing takes on a life of it’s own and where the path takes me. I know I need more outlets than I get at the moment and writing has always interested me from a distance, at least.

As for the Fighting Monsters tag, well, my initial choice was actually ‘Who Cares?’ but it had gone. I thought of looking through quotation sites to find some inspiration and came upon the following quotation:

‘Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one’ Nietzsche

And it made a lot of sense to me.

Working in the mental health field, it is something I have always been acutely aware of. We used to joke about it when I was at college and say that everyone who specialised in mental health was mad! Of course, the shoe is on the other foot – so to speak – as I’m now working in a specialist mental health team for over 65s, but I think it’s an important concept to think about.

I was reading my new Dictionary of Psychiatry yesterday and it had some statistics about the prevalence of mental health and even reading through some of the symptoms and recognising a few of them in myself! It is just a matter of where we draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable to society.. to a point.