A difficult process

Yesterday was a particularly troublesome day and it has weighed quite heavily on my mind. I am firstly, conscious that I have basically just done 1.5 days of work time this week. One of the patients assaulted another patient in the residential home he is in. Initially I asked everyone I could about what should be done and the answer seemed to be ‘very little’. I felt more than a little uncomfortable and was trying to pursue additional funding but there wasn’t anyone in who could authorise this (managers and senior managers were all out or in meetings).

I tried to be as reassuring as I could to the family and went to visit the man with my manager. The home were completely unwilling to keep him there and we had to move him to the hospital.

I called his family to tell them and they were furious. Furious with me for being so incompetent (I hadn’t spoken to the ‘victim’), furious with the decision that had been made and furious with the residential home.

They felt I should have been able to offer them answers and ideas – but I wasn’t because there weren’t really any. Then they said I should tell them honestly if I didn’t know what to do. So I did.

My manager said they were just angry and upset and taking things out on me. I’m not sure how to move on with this one though.

Equally, I had to postpone a couple of visits that I now have to try and squeeze into the morning!

I think it’s going to be a busy day!