I started the ASW training about a month ago and all those wonderful intentions of blogging through the course have spun out somewhere into the ether but a few thoughts on the process so far.

There is a massive emphasis on the legal position of the ASW. It seems like such an important and delicate thing to do when you are taking away someone’s liberty ‘whether you choose to consent or not’ that I suppose it isn’t really a great surprise – but we are bombarded by the enormity of what we are doing and how it affects someone’s life on a day to day level.

I have fronted two assessments now, one was a younger woman who we didn’t bring into hospital. She was unwell but seemed willing to engage with alternate services at least – the other was another woman who seemed much more unwell and seemed to be indicative of a system of care which doesn’t work. She did not have to find herself in the position that she did and I can’t help feeling that some more assertive outreach would have been much more constructive for her.