Brief Update

So it’s been a while since I’ve written – mostly because the ASW course has been taking it out of me! It’s a very good course, academically – there is no doubt about that and certainly very rigorous. Of course actually doing the work is another matter entirely. It is very much pounded into you from the start (and quite rightly) that you have the ability to take away someone’s liberty and that is not a small thing.

I’ve had some time to reflect in the time that I have carried out some assessments  but from the beginning my impressions are:

Nothing is what it seems. Things can look one way on paper and be completely different when you turn up on the doorstep. In fact, they usually are.

That you always feel nervous before assessments because we have no idea what is going to happen

ASWs are generally very supportive of each other because noone else quite understands what it’s like.

The ‘meddling in people’s lives’ stereotype never quite leaves one’s head along with the ‘am I doing the right thing’ panic.

I comfort myself in the thought that the more I think about these things, the less I am likely to take them for granted.

But for the coming week, as I draw to the end of the course, I have lots of coursework to be handed in and a couple of presentations in the immediate future!

Onwards and Upwards, so to speak!