Losing files

I was listening to the radio the other day about the case of a couple of social workers in Kensington and Chelsea that had their bags stolen in pubs and the bags contained private information.

It does feel in some ways, that the press can’t wait to get hold of social workers and drag them through the mire as I refuse to believe that they are the only professional group that go out to a pub after work and have a drink.

Of course, the person on the radio said, they should take more care and of course they should, and actually, as happens very rarely, I feel almost on the moral high ground as I never do take client’s files out of the office unless I can absolutely help it, and when I do need to work at home, I tend to email files directly home rather than have any paper documents hanging around.

I think I had it instilled in me from when I started working although it’s possibly in part, due to my aversion to paper and my fear of losing things. But I think that sometimes, if the levels of work are so high that we are put in a situation where a lot of work has to be done at home, then the management should take some semblence of responsibility.

In some ways, individual social workers are too easy to blame as the public hates them/us anyway!