To the end..

Yesterday was the last day of the ASW course – well, the last ‘official’ day. It was funny but I spoke more to some of the people and on a more ‘real’ level than I had during the last few months!

Anyway, the Presentation went OK.. not great but not awful and it’s done now. In retrospect, I think the poems at the start weren’t the best of ideas but it could have been worse!

One of the presentations was excellent and it was by a participant who was really nervous so I was so pleased for her. I realised that being genuinely happy for another person is actually great!

Anyway, now the massive push starts – I have a lot of writing to do and not enough time to do it but I think this is where the deadline-buzz kicks in.. at least, I hope so!

(just as a sidenote – the two poems I used were by Elizabeth Jennings and were called ‘The Interrogator’ and ‘The Night Sister’)