Who pays for care?

Paying for long term care might not be the sexiest issue to be raised in political circles but, probably because it’s something that I deal with on a daily basis at work, it is nonetheless a key one.

I think it’s easy for politicians to say that noone should be forced to sell their property to pay for residential and/or nursing care but on the other hand, it is extremely expensive and the state is unable to pay the costs for residential care to all that need it.

So somehow the bills need to be paid and rationalisation takes place. Already, residential places are thin on the ground and good residential places even thinner.

If the view is that the State should pay, then it is more than a little short-sighted as the state does not have even a fraction of the money that would be needed to fund good quality care.

So for politicians saying that people should not be forced to sell houses to pay for care, I would ask that they explain how the money will be found.

Personally, I think one of the issues is in the quality of care that is provided. I think that more residential and nursing facilities should be run by local authorities directly so that there would be more control of the pursestrings but more importantly of the quality of care that is provided.

I suppose I feel that if people have the money, they should spend it rather than expecting things as a right from the State. The State runs out of money itself from time to time and decisions have to be made about resources and I suppose I’d much rather those resources go to those unable to pay rather than those unwilling to or those who want to leave a property to their children..