What a difference a decade makes..

Well, 11 years actually since the Labour Party swept into power.

I’m not surprised by the poor performance of the government in the local elections this year. People tend to get tried of the same faces but there were some very obvious pointers too.

The abolition of the 10% tax band was very poorly judged. It’s one of the few issues that I was motivated to write to my MP about.

There are mutterings of climb downs by the government but any kind of reimbursements through the benefits system seem to be more than a little cynical.

Claiming back is always tougher than not taking in the first place and although I can understand the reluctance for blanket benefits and blanket taxation – I have seen many people hesitant, either for a matter of pride and perception or just the thought of endless forms asking no end of questions – to make claims that they are entitled to. I’d pretty much wager that there is more money that is not claimed by those who are entitled to it, than misclaimed by people trying to con the system.