Spend, spend, regret?

The Independent writes about the link between bipolar disorder and overspending. It doesn’t really come as any surprise and seems logical that a link would be made.

I remember a conversation I had with a patient who spoke in terms of genuine regret that her care coordinator at the time had completely bypassed any financial issues as he had not felt that they were the priority when she was so unwell – but as a result of her illness, her house had been repossessed.

We concentrate a lot (naturally) on social factors around illness and social models of mental disorder in the work we do. Ignoring financial matters can have massive future implications.

So it was timely that I found the Mental Health and Debt site which seems to be aimed at Mental Health professionals and provides practical ideas and ways that debt management and budget management in general can be approached. I personally, have found it very interesting and potentially (because I didn’t know of it’s existence until the weekend) incredibly useful.

If we work towards recovery – assisting with management of finances when someone is unwell forms, in my opinion, part of that responsibility.