IT and me!

I like to think of myself as somewhat knowledgeable about technology . Not on an advanced level or at the level that would merit any kind of expertise – but basic stuff like checking my email regularly, being able to use database programs and getting photos from my mobile phone to my computer – the essentials!

I do though, feel sometimes like the bane of the IT department at work. I am sure I’m not alone in phoning them up regularly to ask them to reset one or two of my passwords at least every month – in my defence, I currently have to have five different log-ins for different accounts (two NHS and three local authority ones) and they all have to be reset every month at different points in the month and none of them can have repeated passwords so it does get confusing at times.

The last time I called and had my password reset to ‘password’ and was told by a po-faced technician that I had to change my password immediately to ‘something secure’, I asked if I could just keep it as ‘password’ to make it easier to remember. I was only half-joking but the reaction from the IT guy the other end of the phone was quite comical as I thought he was having some kind of apoplexy when he explained to me (in slightly patronising tones, of course!) the importance of secure passwords – I did, of course, change it. But at least I don’t, like some people in my office, have a little post-it on my computer with a list of passwords!

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Recently though, well, three times in the last five months, to be honest, I have had to call for replacement keyboards. The last time I had to actually get a colleague to call on my behalf because I was too embarrassed. Coffee and keyboards don’t make a happy mix. To those UK taxpayers, I am taking extreme care now (and if it’s any consolation, I’m sure I’ve paid much more than three keyboards in unpaid overtime.. probably just this week alone come to think of it!)

The most embarrassing phone call I made though was when I really did have one of those ‘Have you checked it’s on?’ remarks – and it wasn’t (in my defence, it was the printer and the little LCD lights come on at the back.. and.. and.. ok, not really a good defence!).

Oh well. at least I keep them on their toes!

4 thoughts on “IT and me!

  1. Indeed – funny how I’ve never spilt any liquids on my keyboards at home.. cake crumbs maybe.. but not coffee.. 🙂

  2. Hi cb

    I assume you are the cb who commented on my blog about 2 weeks ago at which time you did not have a blog.

    Congratulations! You have a blog now and a good one!!

    I’ll come back.

    Also thanks for visiting me tonight.

  3. I’ve certainly visited your blog in the past (and did again last night.. ) – I can’t remember commenting but it’s likely I might have.. Thanks a lot, Calum and all the best wishes to you and your family.

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