Avoiding Dementia

This week is Dementia Awareness Week and the Alzheimer’s Society are focusing on prevention and things that people can do to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

I was going to comment that the things they are suggesting are the expected ones but then realised that might be expected to me because I work in the field. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted things that you are aware of on a daily basis.

The focus is on reducing the risk of vascular dementia (which makes sense as the causes are more obvious) by maintaining a healthy lifestyle


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Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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Watching Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels

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Not smoking

I think there are lots of health issues that could be avoided with those three points so sounds like they are all worthwhile!

Keeping the brain active is another key as well

Anyway, the Alzheimer’s Society have put together a downloadable booklet which explains all these aspects in greater (and more colourful) detail.

It’s a good piece of work and definitely worth a look!

8 thoughts on “Avoiding Dementia

  1. They’re not actually about preventing Alzheimer’s although it’s a bit misleading perhaps because the information is put out by the Alzheimer’s Society! They are about preventing vascular dementia – which has more easily recognisable (and avoidable) causes..
    A lot of research continues about the causes of Alzheimer’s..

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. Well if it’s raining there, like it is here, you’ll have all sorts of other coughs/colds/pnemonia to deal with!

  3. I didnt know alzheimers was preventable I thought it was something that just happened to the unfortunate few. An interesting read. Thank you

  4. Dementia is horrible – I have seen it take a terrible toll on both the person with dementia and thier loved ones. I remeber seeing once a man in his forties with early onset dementia frantically smearing his faeces on the wall while his wife and teenage children stood and wept.

  5. It can be invidious, Silva, but dementia has many different manifestations – maybe that’s something to dwell on another day. There are lots of different ways it can be caused and can progress. It is really the vascular-type of dementia that these were concentrating on preventing, CM, more than Alzheimer’s but to be honest, I think exercise, controlling chloresterol and blood pressure not smoking probably prevent a lot of other things too!

  6. Loving that I stumbled upon a healthy lifestyle promotion right after finishing my rant about unnecessary medications.

    Thanks for bringing these important measures into the spotlight.

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