Where the pin drops..

I wrote a couple of months back about an ongoing reconfiguration of services in the area in which I’m working that basically involves turning four separate teams based on geography into two based in much larger ‘patches’.

I have some learned cynicism about service re-configuring and after learning that my job wasn’t at risk, tried to distance myself as much from the process as possible and just try to forget it was happening.

I know, it isn’t very assertive but to be honest, I couldn’t see any positive contribution I could make. Changes happen. But the work and the service isn’t going to fundamentally.

Of course moving from four managers to two is never going to be easy (especially for the ‘lost’ managers’) and likewise with the consultants slicing the cake along with a lot of politics I was of a mindset of just getting on with things and someone telling me where I would land.

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We were asked to complete a ‘secret ballot’ to determine which team we would prefer to work in. A quick (and open!) conversation with the other social workers determined that most seemed to prefer one team to the other. Seeing both positives and negatives in both options I bravely scribbled ‘No preference’ on my ballot paper!

But I was told yesterday where I was landing. And it’s fine. It was slightly surprising but not entirely and means my work will be focused now (or when they finally get around to putting things in place which may well be another few months) in a completely different geographical area.

I wasn’t told formally. It was someone telling someone who found out because they heard from someone else type of  finding out. I hope to clarify that today as the way I found out was more of an issue for me than the actual move.

From what I understand, most people are staying broadly within the geographical areas they already work so for me, it means starting to close cases and say goodbyes – at some point. Perhaps I actually care more than I thought I would.

That’ll teach me to be so complacent!

4 thoughts on “Where the pin drops..

  1. But then on the other hand, putting a positive spin on it maybe new horizons will open up.This from someone who doesn’t like change mind !!!!
    Good luck in any case.

  2. Hello cb – Well as long as you are fine with it. – Keep writing your blog – it helps me enormously.

  3. Try to look at it as an opportunity! I think you’re brave for embracing the unknown.

  4. You’re all right, I am sure it will be fine. In some ways, I’m comforted that the manager of that team is very good. On the other hand, I just wish someone had told me ‘officially’!
    And thanks for that, Silva, that’s really good to know.

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