Some things for the (long) weekend..

By the time this is published, I’ll be sitting on a train on my way to beautiful Northumbria – ready to sun myself over the weekend – ok, maybe ‘sunning myself’ is a bit hopeful….

I had a positive response to my last round-up post – well , three people said they liked it and no-one said they didn’t –  this is the next instalment.


Twelve views can be more limiting than it seems so I’ve extended to fifteen for now.

Again, in no particular order

Huw Davies writes a piece in the Guardian about living with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour)

Rundy – at As We Lived Before – a beautifully crafted blog, as befitting a professional writer, about Alzheimer’s from a carer’s perspective, shares an award-winning short film as well as some personal observations at Like Lisa.

Burnt Out Betsy at the Diary of a Burnt Out Social Worker shares the joy of working in a bureaucratic system. Some things don’t change regardless of country or systems.

From Illusive Joy, an insight about her work with in a prison and her own feelings regarding building therapeutic relationships with sex offenders.

CalumCarr explains the difficulties that exist in the psychiatric system – it isn’t pretty but it shows a lot of areas that need to change.. and part two here.

At Blue Jean Social Work a touching analysis about the impact that fear has in her work – both the fear of professionals and users of services.. (she’s also choosing a new pen name so go ahead and vote!)

Prin at Prin’s Links for Social Work Students introduced me to the idea of cornbread. I even found a recipe! (Good luck in the exam today!).

David Jones at The Social Care Experts Blog reports from the World Conference of Social Work here and here.

Still Dreaming at Awake and Dreaming writes about Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and some of her experiences with the effects of it.

Therapydoc reflects on the small interactions and moments that help us to appreciate the more precious things in life – that aren’t always found in a ballpark.

And from Mad World – a good and bad Daily Mail story – if only it were always so balanced..!

Millennial Social Worker writes about gay parenting and prejudices associated with it after watching an episode of 30 days by Morgan Spurlock.

Meanwhile in hospital, Cellar_Door explains why she would rather work in Mental Health.

Wardbunny meanwhile explains how too many studies can damage your health and why Katy Perry irritates her. As for me, I don’t need reasons!

As finally. . .  The Blog Herald reports on a study that claims ‘neurotic women more likely to blog’

Currently my thinking is of a bi-weekly round-up. It’s too much for one week – any suggestions for a catchy title for these round-up posts would be gratefully received!

So enjoy the weekend – I’ll be back early next week but will be scheduling some lighter posts for the time I’m away.

7 thoughts on “Some things for the (long) weekend..

  1. Again, good stuff! Lots of great posts in there. And yes, biweekly probably would be better. It’s a lot to do for each week. 🙂

  2. I aspire to be mentioned in one of your round ups – I will have to raise my game though! 😀

  3. Thanks for the mention, cb. Have a great weekend! Thanks for the prayers…I know you won’t get this until you get back but I PASSED!!! Woo! Hoo!

  4. Thanks for all the responses – and Silvawingz, you really don’t need to raise anything, you produce exceptionally thought-provoking stuff – and well done, Prin!

    (still on the move by the way, and it’s much colder/wetter up north!)

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