Changes and Adjustments

Feeling particularly industrious this Bank Holiday Monday (yes, I am ‘officially’ still on holiday!), I’ve been playing with my theme and banners to make some adjustments to the look of the blog. It is still a work in progress so don’t be alarmed if things suddenly look different over the course of the next few days – that’s just me learning how to use Photoshop!

Back home tomorrow where normal service should be resumed at least to a point..

8 thoughts on “Changes and Adjustments

  1. OOOer Change scares me………….off to play football with the ducks……………..

  2. I had been wanting to change the theme for a couple of months but had to wait to visit my sister because I was worried about messing it up and she knows how these things work – so I wasn’t all that brave!

  3. Nice job with the new look! I, too, am intimidated by making such changes. I like what you’ve done, though.

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