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Another quick round up through some of the places that my feed reader have taken me over the last couple of weeks. It’s a bit more haphazard this week so apologies but check some of the links out. There are some gems there!

A  random collection but that’s sometimes just the way it works out!

The Anti-Social Social Worker writes about That A-Ha Moment  when you realise what field you want to work it. Most of the responses seem to point to it more as being a process of elimination or chance. Life does that sometimes. The best laid plans etc etc..

Awake and Dreaming writes about the cyclical nature of the health care system  shares a mild healthcare rant with us. She also shares lots of photos of her cat!

At Blue Jean Social Worker, she has had a career moment and weighs up the pros and cons of a new supervisory position  with some simple cost benefit analysis

Burnt Out Betsy remembers 9/11 as does Milwaukee social Worker.

Therapydoc shares her thoughts and experiences of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (I can definitely recognise some elements of that diagnosis in myself)

LCSW Mom has to deal with a lot of anger at work at Just When I think I’ve seen it all. And proves that.. well, the title of her blog is very pertinent!

Millenial Social Worker considers the nature of Relative vs Foster Placements.

Illusive Joy shares some extremely pertinent observations about the competancy of counsellors and counselling services and the need for accreditation.

Dom Care Dragon shares a story of filial devotion from an unexpected quarter.

Cellar_Door at Not another Nursing Student Blog shares a guide to restraint and seclusion.

At It’s a Mean Old Scene, Silvawingz writes about her experiences of attending a talk about ‘voice dialogue’ for voice hearers.

The Independent ran a piece by Patrick Coburn and his son, Henry, about Henry’s experiences with schizophrenia.

And for something lighter, Mental Nurse is  running a caption competition – make sure you read the comments! And join in!

And finally, I’m with Prin – I like the idea of Amazon grocery delivery too – and I can assure her that they’ll get to her way before they get to me over here!   

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  1. Thanks forthe mention from me too……….I will also be checking the others out.
    Keep on keeping on cb!

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