Yesterday I passed my 150th published post. I haven’t really marked any of my ‘blog’ milestones publicly – and I know that statistics will interest few other than myself – but I never thought I’d be able to keep writing and thinking of things to write for as long as I  have.

For the first two weeks, I had three views. Probably because I didn’t tell anyone and just wanted to see if I would be able to maintain the writing! My first comment came after about three weeks!

The milestone that probably pleased me the most was passing my 500th page view – it was a motivation thing – kept me going.

My most popular post by far, is, unsurprisingly, my About Me page, chiming in with 551 views to date.

My most highly viewed post otherwise, is Trouble at Southern Cross. I get a lot a searches for Southern Cross Healthcare. Funny. I never would have thought it.

The other frequent searches that seem to come up are Postmodern Social Work (hurrah – lots of people interested in it or more likely, there isn’t much out there.. must return to that), wearing purple (!) and thongs!

I think most of the searches that find me are vaguely relevant but then there are some people who search terms like ‘creating a monster’ and ‘man fighting monsters’ and suchlike. I’m am sure they go away disappointed but the fortunate thing about internet searches is that you don’t need to stay in any given place for very long.

Will there be another 150? That’s a long way off. I am coming to a stage where I will be slowing down for a bit, in any case – or that’s the plan. An alternate working day schedule – at least (although always reserving the right to change at the last minute). So if a day or two pass with nothing, don’t despair – I’m still around.. just pacing things a little more evenly!

9 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I’m sure we all have RSS feeds–we’ll know when you posted. I’m sure glad I found you. I think through Prin, actually. But then again, it would seem that’s how I find all the social work bloggers.

  2. i know ive found this bloggosphere more enjoyable with you in it! I understand the slowing down…when i started i think i posted every day. now im lucky if i get to write twice a week. maybe i should have commented on the post before this one on studying, since that’s where most of my writing is done these days! i keep telling myself this will only be 2 years out of my life – that i can do anything for 2 years…

  3. Congratulations on 150 interesting and informative posts. Social work wasn’t something i knew much about when i started reading, so i’ve learnt a lot. Thank you.

  4. Thanks a lot, all. I really appreciate the feedback, comments and community that exists and don’t intend stopping for a long time!

  5. Thanks a lot CM and WL! I’m not going anywhere by the way, I love the writing/commenting/community and process – I just want to make sure I can take a day or two off without feeling guilty!

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