World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day with a focus on promoting positive mental  health.

Wellbeing in the East of England (perhaps not the catchiest of monikers.. ) have produced a series of short films that have been put out on television in.. yes, you guessed it, the east of England! I haven’t caught them but they are available on the website.

They also link to the Mental Health Foundation‘s list of ways to look after your mental health. There are some real gems there so it’s worth having a look through.


The World Federation of Mental Health is focusing on Advocacy or rather, the catchy slogan ‘Making Mental Health a Global Priority – Scaling Up Services Through Citizen Advocacy and Action’ An excellent endeavour and certainly one which it worthy of support. They have published a useful booklet (pdf) which explores Mental Health issues from a global perspective as well as lots of information about advocacy and self-advocacy.

Rethink have a quiz so you can see what they would advise you to do to promote your own mental well-being (I was told to do more exercise.. !).

And on that note, MIND are having a Walk for Mental Health from Brixton to  Battersea Park today. Shame I’m going to be at work really.. for many reasons! It is actually a part of a general campaign to improve physical fitness and exercise levels in order to promote mental health.

There are lots of more local events planned throughout the UK, including an exhibition at the Institute of Psychiatry which is called Music and the Mind which carries through until 10 December and certainly seems to be worth a visit.

But whatever it is you choose to do to make the day – stay well!

3 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day

  1. World mental health day, eh? Who knew? Well, not me, obviously. :o)

    I took the quiz on the rethink site. Apparently i’m taking ‘pretty good care’ of my MH, which does rather beg the question of why i don’t therefore have ‘pretty good’ mental health.

    Could it be – shock! horror! – that the activities rethink so confidently recommend only have a very limited impact on mental ill-health? If so, I can’t help but wonder why they so confidently recommend them.

  2. Aethelread – It is a bit generic but all the quizzes about health that I seem to take indicate that I need to take more exercise! I think the things they are suggesting are incredibly general though and things that are ‘Generally Good for You’ in many different ways!

    And thanks for the comment, Reas, I appreciate it!

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