British views on the US Election

The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. That makes it election day in the United States. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you that.

If there were even a smidgeon of doubt, which I assume there isn’t, I’m very much behind Obama. But it’s not my election. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important to us, over here, though. Because it is.

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So here’s a brief round up of British based news about the election

The Times runs a rank of the best and worst ever US Presidents.

Lincoln comes in at No 1 and Buchanan comes last at No. 42. GW Bush? Joint 37th (with Nixon!).

They also have a podcast which I’d recommend – really, it’s quite funny!

The Telegraph runs an interesting story about the mathematics behind the Electoral College system and its fairness, or otherwise.

The Daily Mail – bless ’em – on why we will miss Bush (!?!) (Don’t worry, it has lots of pictures!).

In the Guardian, Freedland writes about why this election is so important internationally. And Pottering (the President of the European Parliament – and no, I didn’t know that before I read the article!) writes about the impact on Europe more specifically.

The Financial Times looks at the very grand expectations internationally,  that will be held for the new President.

The Economist has a slightly different angle (from one I’ve seen, anyway) and looks at the effect of the elderly voters on the outcome.  Also quite an amusing ‘best and worse’ quotations from the election trails.

I did briefly look at the Sun to see what they were saying, but they just had a joke about B.O! – with lots of related puns!

The BBC rocks up with a Guide to Election Night as well as a quiz!  (I got 50% – obviously haven’t been paying as much attention as I thought I had been!).

So that’ll be something to keep me occupied this evening and through the night – although most of my attempts to stay up for election results seem to end in falling asleep on the sofa – especially as tomorrow is a work day!

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  1. I only had time to scan this quickly right now, but I can’t wait to read (and watch) more in depth later! I’ll probably need a laugh once I get finished voting!

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