Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

I did fairly well at staying up all night to watch the results of the US elections. It was fairly inspiring and exciting at 3am.. 4am.. but now, with work in a couple of hours, I am just beginning to hit the ‘wall’ so might not be prone to write too much about it!

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Nice work, Senator Obama. Somehow the sky seems a little bit more blue from over  here.

And as for McCain – nothing in his campaign became him like the leaving of it. A lot of dignity there in that concession speech.

One of the comments that waved across my half-wakeful consciousness was someone on the BBC who said that there was almost a sense of closure after the 2000 elections and the whole Florida theft/mess – who can forget the Tale of the Hanging Chad (that sounds like it should be some kind of Country Hit.. ). The 2000 elections were, in my mind, something of a blot on the landscape that tainted Bush before he’d even started to govern and do enough tainting of his own.

There seems to be a sense of hope now. Hope for change. Hope for difference. Optimism for the future. Who knows how long it will last but nothing wrong with enjoying while we can. The Prime Minister has also just released a statement congratulating Obama.

Sleepiness and lack of breakfast makes for a slightly disjointed post!

And as for tonight. I think I’ll probably pass on the bonfire celebrations or at least postpone them till the weekend.

I’ll be back to the more usual social work type posts tomorrow. I just felt the election was too big an event to let it pass me by.

8 thoughts on “Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

  1. Certainly a very exciting way to wake up this morning! Kind of gives me back a bit of faith in humanity 😉

  2. I stayed up too – felt like a dead dog all day but it was definitely worth it – it may be eccentric to be cheering out loud at 3am on your own but I just don’t care!

  3. You do get the sense that there is hope now here. My own daughter who is only 11 bounced out of bed when I told her Obama won. She let out a hoot and announced that we all had to wear blue that day.

  4. I’m so impressed you stayed up late to watch! There was partying going on in pockets of my town, which is a university town. I have a friend who lives in Chicago, but he opted out of the Grant Park public thing and stayed home with friends and a bottle of champagne instead.

    Wednesday was a very good day indeed.

  5. In retrospect I’m quite glad I stayed up. I suffered a little the next day but no permanent damage done! Was definitely worth it..

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