The Riddle of Annual Leave


You decide to take a few days off. The rush and frantic nature of the days both before and after completely obviate any restful nature that taking any time off creates.

Having learnt my lesson from much last minute cancelled leave, this time, I have a flight booked and am actually leaving the country..

After today anyway..



15 thoughts on “The Riddle of Annual Leave

  1. I can identify with that feeling – I’m scheduled to be on leave starting Friday for the WHOLE next week (school is out too). I’m terrified something will happen! But I haven’t taken a vacation at all this year, with the exception of a day here or there, so I can’t let anything get in the way. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks again! I’m going to Denmark, Reas – I mentioned it somewhere among the comments of a previous post! The photo isn’t exactly a realistic representation!

  3. Alas there is no cure for the mountain of work that will be on your desk when you return so I hope you have a wonderful restful time and recharge your batteries x

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