I arrived home last night. My mind is still a bit hazy but I have a day at work to look forward to and no doubt wake my brain up with a start.

Just a few thoughts then to kick off the day before returning to something approaching ‘normal service’ tomorrow.

– I’ll stop complaining about the weather here for a little while. It was a Mediterranean paradise compared to Denmark

– Snow is very pretty though, but prettier when on the inside looking out.

– I can’t realistically do as much in a day as I think I can but should just accept when I feel tired that I am tired!

-Hotels always beat Hostels.

– I was struck by this article in a Danish English Language newspaper I picked up at the airport, the Copenhagen Post.

In Praise of.. High Taxes

Thanks to the 22-year old Peter Eastgate, we all became 26.5million kroner richer last week. Thanks to his good card playing skills, the young card shark from Odense won himself a 53 million kroner jackpot in the poker world championship in Las Vegas. But thanks to the world’s highest income tax rates he has to turn half of that to the state. It’s easy to empathise with Eastgate if he feels that the house has taken an unreasonably large share of his winnings, but, in its own grotesquely exaggerated fashion, this is a lesson in why Denmark’s taxation system is so great : when someone else hits the jackpot, we all do.

I can’t imagine a leader like that in a mainstream newspaper in the UK. A bit of a lesson in the cultural differences.

Denmark is a rich country, there is no doubt of that. It has been termed the happiest nation with the best standards of living. Maybe in some circumstances, the society can provide better than the individual.

And just a few photos..

IMG_1066 the pony has felt antlers!





8 thoughts on “Back

  1. Jealous! Jealous! Jealous! Thanks for sharing the photos though (I am holidaying vicariously through the internet! Later I am going to western Australia!)

    Lola x

  2. mmmmm. warmth. I think I remember that. How long have we been in the ice age now? 🙂

  3. Wonderful photographs! Love the antlers especially.
    It’s definitely warmer here – we’re getting quite close to summer! But we did have snow and hail only a fortnight ago…the South Island of NZ is a weird and wonderful place.
    One day you must visit. Nice to see you’re back 🙂

  4. Thanks all 🙂 Work mountain was very much there.. but I’m chipping away at it. And believe me, I’d love to go to New Zealand.. !

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