Gift ideas for Social Workers

Last week, Community Care printed an article which provided some gift ideas for the Social Worker in your Life.

A good article with some interesting ideas. But I thought I’d add one or two ideas of my own – of course, it might be too late for Christmas this year but you know, you can never receive.. I mean give.. too many presents!

image miszpinay at flickr

How about a nice button badge? Fried Social Worker Store has some interesting designs – I love Social Work – that says it loud and clear. Or a nice bag with the slogan ‘Social Workers sow seeds of healing in the lives of others’. I wonder if that would go down well if I take it with me to work or even use it in my leisure time..

And for the child in your life – how about a t-shirt with the loving slogan ‘My Mommy is a Social Worker’ I  hate to be cynical – but would you let your child go to school wearing that? I mean, it’s not that I’m not proud but I can’t imagine it would necessarily go down well.. (there is a daddy version too, of course).

But you know, what I’m getting for the man in my life – oh no, I just saw that it is unavailable in the UK – darn, the US really does get all the best things.

A Burger King body spray with

“the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat”.

Maybe I’ll try and source some for next year – life just isn’t fair.

4 thoughts on “Gift ideas for Social Workers

  1. How about a stress ball with the pen-pushing bureaucrat’s face of your choice printed on? Or maybe a Daily Mail editor version? I think the latter would be a big seller! 😀

  2. I like the idea of a Mail editor pincushion, Chuckle!

    And wine – always good!

    (I had to look up what Ativan was on Wikipedia !). I think wine works just as well 🙂 just more of it!

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