Healthy Eating (and drinking)

Good news for Christmas Eve. According to The Telegraph, eating chocolate and drinking wine and tea improve your memory.

Researchers discovered that wine has the most pronounced effect in boosting people’s memory, followed by chocolate and tea.

And those who regularly consume all three in modest amounts were found to perform best when asked to carry out a series of brain tests.

The article goes on to explain that

Those who regularly drank moderate quantities of wine scored better in all six tests than those who abstain.

Chocolate eaters also had “significantly” better results in the tests than non-consumers, while tea drinkers achieved better scores in four of the tests.

OK, it does give the ‘in moderation’ proviso helpfully explaining

The researchers warned people not to use the research to binge drink in the hope of improving their memories.

So there you go, it does you good. Enjoy.

image Rob Qld at Flickr

and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Well, now that it’s doctor recommended….hmmm….possibly be on perscription now???

    Lola x

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