Safety and Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide poisoning has a lot of manifestations, none of them pleasant and some (obviously including but not restricted to death) permanent.

The BBC site, linked above, explains some of the symptoms which might be mistaken for something else entirely which is pretty much what has happened in a situation which I became aware of through my work

Some symptoms can occur a few days or even months after exposure to carbon monoxide. These may include confusion, loss of memory and problems with coordination.

Honestly, when an elderly person presents with these symptoms it isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. But when all the other members of the household also begin to present in the same way, well..

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Do yourselves a favour and get a Carbon Monoxide monitor for your home – and the homes of your relatives. They are not expensive and the ongoing cost can be tragic beyond measure.. and that is my service announcement for the day!

I’ll switch off ‘lecture mode’ now!

4 thoughts on “Safety and Carbon Monoxide

  1. Very sound advice indeed. especially for students as well, if they are staying in slightly dodgy accommodation. I remember when i was a lot younger some friends found out their “hangovers” were slightly more sinister than they imagined. They were exceptionally lucky not to have any lasting damage. Although I’d hope these days stuff like this is little better regulated

  2. And if it is going off, don’t assume it’s a malfunction. A few years ago I remember a story of a large family of an MD (I believe he was in away) all died of carbon monoxide poisoning. They had a detector and it kept going off but because their pilot let was lit and they felt fine, they thought it was a malfunction. So, they took the batteries out. A few days later, after he got home in the early morning hours, everyone had died. I think it was in Philadelphia or something.

  3. Lola – that’s a good point about students, in fact, I think it was when I was a student that I was first aware of the need – I have vague recollections (er.. not that it was that long ago!) of them running a campaign at uni. I think there is more regulation of private lets but you can never be too sure.

    Reas – good!

    oregonamy – That’s a great point and I hadn’t thought of that. Tragic story.

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