Hail to the Chief

As just about everyone will be aware, today is President Obama’s inauguration day. Over the weekend, I collated some information (ok, I used Google and it took me precisely 3 mins) about what might be being done to note the occasion in the UK to those who wish to mark the event.

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We Are One Concert

Time Out publish a list of things that are going on in London – including Madame Tussauds having a free event for all those who can produce a US passport!  So if you are a US citizen and you happen to be in London, and you have nothing better to do then it might be a chance to get to see the waxwork museum.. Or if you don’t fulfil any or all of those criteria, perhaps the Yates Wine Bar in Leicester Square.

The BBC provide a more extensive round up of events around the country including

  • Democrats Abroad London Inaugural Ball at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. The organisation also has events planned in Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Cheltenham, Oxford and Cambridge
  • – The Ibbamo Trust – a charity helping people reach their full potential – hosts a 20109 Change party at the O2 arena’s indigO2, which will include performances from musicians and speakers
  • – A Yes, We Did inauguration party – attended by singers Kelly Rowland and Mica Paris – at the Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane, London. It will recognise black Britons who have made a difference
  • Dare to Dream: Yes, You Can event at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Tottenham, north London, including exhibitions, music, performance, and debate
  • – Live screening of the ceremony and party at Queen’s University, Belfast
  • – Live screening of the inauguration and music from local DJs at the Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre in Toxteth, Liverpool
  • – Live screening at the West Indian Centre, Leeds

EnglandforObama lists a few more parties that are going on (they are all in London, it seems).

And while on my hunt-for-events, I came across the BBC Birmingham page (which has a few suggestions in the comments section) – My favourite comment has to be, and I quote

It’s my friends birthday so we will be having a double celebration party

Shame they didn’t give out the street address.

And not to be outdone, the town of Moneygall in County Offaly, Ireland, is having it’s own celebration as well as claiming their own links to the new President.

Records uncovered in 2007 found the President-elect’s fourth great grandfather was a shoemaker in the midlands village whose son Fulmuth Kearney left for the US in the 1850s

As for me, I plan to attend the ‘Dare to Dream’ event in Tottenham. Plan, I say, as it partly rests on the time that I finish work but I hope to at least catch the fireworks..

I’d be interested to know how or if you plan to celebrate – for the record, the BBC are covering the event live from 4pm – 6pm GMT.

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  1. How did I miss this one? Nice round up and amazing to me that so much is going on in the UK in honor of an American president.

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