9 thoughts on “The ‘Grow-Your-Own’ Social Worker

  1. It is slightly compulsive. I have a ‘personal’ twitter account too but the one for the blog needs to be anonymous! I just need to remember to update occasionally 🙂

  2. I am on twitter as ‘madwoman66’ which links to my blog. I suppose I should have stayed as Serotonin, but fancied a change.
    I like the idea of the GYO scheme of things seems a positive step for social work and makes sense.

  3. Ohhh……I’m not going there with Twitter. Like I need another distraction. But I support your endeavor, CB!

  4. This was an interesting article for me personally given that I am on a GYO scheme. I chuckled a little while reading it as I am also: white, male and 40-something. So the research is clearly right!

    You could say that in some ways this is making our department MORE diverse given that I am the only bloke on our team, and one of a handful across the whole floor. However, the reality is that our trainee scheme over the last few years has recruited an overwhelming majority of female candidates, so it’s not necessarily representative of the wider picture from a gender point of view.

    I don’t know what the stats are for ethnicity on our scheme since it started, but I would guess that it has been slightly less ethnically diverse than the department as a whole.

    It’s a great scheme for me – I wanted to join the social work profession after doing a completely different role and could not have afforded to do that without being paid when I go to university. But more than the financial aspect, I feel so much better prepared for starting the MA (this September) and hopefully qualifying, after what will be nearly two years on a children’s service duty team. And on the subject of age, I hope I bring some different life and work experiences to the role – recruiting older workers can be a good thing for the profession.

  5. Thanks for that Jimbo. Actually, I think men are massively underrepresented in the social work sector and it really does need to be addressed!

    I definitely think the scheme is one of the best recruiting tools as taking the pressure off the finances while studying is a massive factor.
    And I agree about older staff bringing a lot to the role – there is a lot to be said for experience.
    Good luck with the course!

    And thanks for dropping by WL – it seems like it’s a busy time of year for you over there!

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