Poetry Helps

While pondering, among other things

The nature of the day – whether the weather

Will be clement or savage

Whether the year will be kind or cruel

I came upon a tract

From the Telegraph

of all places

I don’t frequent it much – too dry, too altogether

Filled with middle-class smugness

But accessing remotely allows

A more utilitarian approach

Reading on, I see that

Poetry Helps.

Writing it, that is.

It helps with mood, and temper

Emotional regulation‘ so they say.

I used to write more – sometimes

Sometimes easier to write

Emotion in a poem.

Than in prose.

It detaches.

So today and before work I ponder

How will the week greet me

Will colleagues still be sick?

How can I balance

The workload with the crises?

Is my time fairly split or sometimes

Do I cop out and

Spend more time with people I like

And is that irresponsible?

Who knows? Probably

But it is certainly easier to say

Through poetry!

image basykes at Flickr

Apologies to any serious poets but honestly, check the link out. It is really interesting stuff and I really do think I’ll try it (but I promise no more attempts on the blog!).

4 thoughts on “Poetry Helps

  1. I think writing anything helps. That’s the raison d’etre of my novel, Writing Therapy, in which a teenage girl decides to ‘write herself well’.

  2. Tim + WL I definitely agree about writing helping. I might preserve the poetry for less public fora though!

    Reas – Love it 🙂

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