Assessing Best Interests – Part 4

I have been through each day of the training to become a Best Interests Assessor except the last – but will remedy that now.

The last day consisted of a legal recaps and a test , some role-plays (yuck) and lots of scenario discussions – taking through the process from beginning to end and using the ‘real’ forms (unless they are changed again in the next month).  The training was for four taught days non-consecutive and was quite easily split into two days of pretty extensive exploration of the actual legislation and codes of practice (but particularly, the DoLs Code of Practice – unsurprisingly) and the second ‘batch’ of two days which was much more about procedure, forms and practical guidance.

So I feel a lot more comforted and reassured than when I started – we have had a robust course and it was stimulating in parts. Much less boring than I feared and honestly, I can’t think of a part of the course that I would have skipped. Useful too, was the networking aspect – I know some councils have bought training in bulk but I am very glad we had the opportunity to train along people in different boroughs – partly for networking purposes (because you tend to bump into the same faces around the block) and partly because it is really interesting and useful to know how other organisations manage things differently.

For now though, we’ve been left to get on with the written work which is by no means unsubstantial!

Expect much about the changes and experiences from April onwards..