International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. This was a celebration that I have to say would have completely passed me by had I not spent a few years living in Italy where it is a holiday which is both noted and actively celebrated (in inimitable Italian style – by giving mimosa flowers to women who are important in your life/come into your shop or restaurant/fill up with petrol at your petrol station/pass you in the street).

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Still, I have found some events that are marking the celebration of the day.

The F Word ( a UK feminist blog) posts pictures from yesterday’s Million Women Rise in London which took place to show our united rage and opposition to male violence.

The International Women’s Day site goes global and lists events happening in many different countries throughout the world including the UK , the US , Australia and many others – although interestingly, nothing in Italy.

Back to the UK and the Equalities Office have taken the theme of the general economic downturn to list what they are doing for women – and more globally the Independent runs with a theme and slideshow of inspiring women of Africa courtesy of VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas) which has a ‘Helping Women Help the World’ theme.

My own thoughts, I have hoped for many years that feminism ceases to be something that women feel they need to explain or feel apologetic about.

Somehow some of the connotations have become warped into a perception that feminists either hate men or want to be men. That is not what feminism is about. No-one should be embarrassed or feel they need to justify promoting a feminist agenda or feel they need to explain away feminism through terms of denigrating others who feel differently

‘I’m not a feminist but.. ‘ or ‘I’m not one of those feminists’ or ‘I am a feminist but I don’t hate men’. No, you don’t need to explain. Feminism needs to retake some of the ground lost through people who have tried to push its agenda to the margins.

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Anyway, there is lots out there about it and to celebrate it or mark it!

And for the record, there is an International Men’s Day too

6 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. That seems a real pity that I didn’t know of this earlier, if I hadn’t of read about it here, i’d never have known at all. The pictures on the BBC website are pretty cool – the one of the Afghan man sweeping around a woman begging in a Kabul street is very symbolic.

    I think a lot of people are still scared of feminism. It’s been mocked considerably by those who fear it, and I have to say the word “Feminist” still fills me with a sort of “Ugh” feeling, as if I am about to get lectured at a party by an angry woman in sensible shoes. Which is obviously a warped stereotype, but none the less, has me reaching for an excuse to make a fast get away….

    Lola x

    • That’s what makes me a bit sad, Lola, and don’t get me wrong cos I’ve been there myself. People have grown to associate feminists with the ‘angry woman in sensible shoes’ stereotype when really it doesn’t have to be about that at all. There are so many different strands and ways to feel confident and be proud of being a woman and feminism – I think it is wholly positive – but too many of the associations around it have become so negative… have a nosey around some of the web resources though – possibly starting with the F-word site as indicated above 🙂

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  3. Yes, mimosa was to be seen everywhere here yesterday. I agree with you about this apologising for feminism business. The rights we have now were hard-won and women still don’t have them in many countries.

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