A student came to spend the day with me yesterday. She is a first year social work student and she works part time as a home carer which is how she found me. She was chatting to one of the service users she works with  about her course and mentioned she needed to arrange to shadow a social worker. He mentioned this to me and I said he could pass my number on to her.

As always happens I had a string of particularly uninteresting paper exercises to complete – although I tried to make things a little more varied and we did manage to squeeze in a team meeting and a home visit! I talked to her a little bit about an upcoming Guardianship assessment but possibly managed to confuse more than I could explain.

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I’ve mentioned it before but I do quite like having students around. Especially when they are so enthusiastic and have such a willingness and desire to learn. It acts as a kind of shot in the arm and reminds me about the reasons I came to be here myself.

Bits I don’t like about having a student around – when they ask me to explain psychoanalytic and behavioural theories in relation to my current working practice in ‘easy’ terms as the books are too wordy! Gulp.

I managed a possibly unconvincing explanation about the need for an eclectic approach to theories and my own preference of using a postmodern framework…

Task for this week  – revise some of those theories again!

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  1. Yeah, we’re all idealistic and in the bubble…we come up with some crazy stuff.

    It’s always best to ask them what THEY think the relations would be. Put it back on us and we’ll quiet right down. 😉

  2. Great answer Anti! I was having much the same thought process as wardbunny and cb!

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