New arrivals

Looking back through my ‘draft’ folder, I realised I had upwards of thirty half-written, mostly forgotten posts that I had never published. Some were very short – more suited for Twitter really. Others are practically fully written but were waiting for a little of the wisdom of time to reflect before posting.

The reason I was looking through my draft folders was to find a piece I had written after the fostering panel I attended in January.

Last winter, I wrote about the process my partner and I had taken towards considering fostering as an option. We first requested information about two years ago and I wrote about it here.

The panel, which I intended to post about (hence me looking through drafts) took place in January. It was a formal affair. We went to the town hall of our local authority and were shown into a waiting room. The social worker who had visited us weekly for the previous months to interview, discuss and advise came to join us and talk us through some of the expected questions we would be asked.

We were shown into the large room, with a large round table. I can’t remember how many people there were – maybe about 8. There were a couple of social workers, a couple of team managers from different teams. There was a former foster child and a current foster carer. There was also an educational psychologist as well as the chair of the panel and her secretarial support.

Sitting next to us, the social worker and her manager.

We weren’t asked too many questions – possibly because the report compiled covered most of the details but we were asked about five or six different things by different people – mostly clarifications of what had been put down on paper.

Some were easily explained – others required more time.

About a week or so later we were told we had been approved to be short-term foster carers for school age children and young people.

The room has been furnished but as things seemed to be taking so long we were a little out of the loop.

Until we had a panicked telephone call at 4.45pm earlier this week to ask if we had room for a child.

I don’t intend to write much about our experiences of fostering. It was never my intention to do so.

I may, though, have a less regular posting schedule – for a little while anyway – while we adjust and while my morning time changes in emphasis a little bit.

And maybe some of those drafts will become more fully formed..


7 thoughts on “New arrivals

  1. Best wishes for it all, cb. I’m sure there will be many challenges as well as hopefully some of those good moments that make it all worthwhile ahead.

  2. Great news cb, your foster carers diary will be filled with elegant prose I bet!
    I’ll have to send you my whole food cookery course for Looked After children.
    Best wishes Gradle

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