Tips for Good Mental Health

The Mental Health Social Worker pointed me to a campaign being run in the US by Mental Health America to ‘equip people with tools to deal with stressful times’.

The campaign is called ‘Live your Life Well’ and has a nicely designed webpage with some surveys, tips and ‘success stories’.


I took the ‘stress screener’ myself and came out it told me ‘I could be doing better’. I guess no surprises there because I do have a fair bit going on at the moment!

They explain that

The Live Your Life WellSM program details the 10 tools and many of their benefits, including:

  • Connect with Others. Research suggests that people who feel connected are happier and healthier – and may even live longer.
  • Stay Positive. People who regularly focus on the positive in their lives are less upset by painful memories.
  • Get Physically Active. Exercise relieves tense muscles, improves mood and sleep, and increases energy and strength.
  • Help Others. Research suggests that those who consistently help other people experience less depression, greater calm and fewer pains.
  • Get Enough Rest. People who don’t get enough sleep face a number of possible health risks, including weight gain, decreased memory, impaired driving and heart problems.
  • Create Joy and Satisfaction. Positive emotions can boost a person’s ability to bounce back from stress.
  • Eat Well. Eating healthy food and regular meals can increase energy, lower the risk of developing certain diseases and influence mood.
  • Take Care of Your Spirit. People who have strong spiritual lives may be healthier and live longer. Spirituality seems to cut the stress that can contribute to disease.
  • Deal Better with Hard Times. People who get support, problem-solve or focus on the positives in their lives are likely to handle tough times better.
  • Get Professional Help if You Need It. If the problems in life are stopping a person from functioning well or feeling good, professional help can make a big difference.
  • The site goes through each of these points and explains some pretty substantial and extensive tips so it’s well worth going to the site and having a nose around!

4 thoughts on “Tips for Good Mental Health

  1. “You’re In Good Shape!

    You appear to have a pretty healthy handle on your stress levels, and are most likely experiencing minimal consequences to your health as a result of stress-related physical responses. Good for you!”


  2. Thanks for featuring this. Every year, over here in the States, we recognized May as National Mental Health Month. (I blogged about it last year). With one in five Americans suffering at some point in their lives, I think it’s an issue worthy of focus. The sponsoring organization, Mental Health America (formerly known as the National Mental Health Association) changed its name to reflect the fact that it is a health issue for everyone, not just those who suffer from mental illness. I think they do an excellent job reflecting this with the campaign themes they choose each year. Hopefully, efforts like these will help increase parity in mental health and access to care and remove the stigma that still exist. What’s it like in the UK? Is their equal access to care? Do people who suffer feel stigmatized?

    • Thanks for this. I’ll have to check the blog! I think the issues are actually exactly the same here regarding stigma and although there are some differences in access to services due to a universal health care model which is not based on insurance, there is still a long way to go for an equality of service.

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