Living in London, as I do, we only have the European elections today while parts of the rest of the country contend with local elections as well. I have never missed casting a vote in any election for which I have been eligible to vote and I don’t intend to today. If I’d been a little more organised, I’d have registered a postal vote as the polling station is a little bit awkward to get to  but nothing I can’t live with.


The European elections are often seen as a good route to protest and yes, I’ve voted for the Green Party before in a desperate attempt to find an A.N.Other option.

Truth is, the disillusionment with politics has cut deep over the past few months. It was probably fairly impressive anyway, but with the details of MPs claiming expenses for memorial wreaths at Remembrance Day events (which personally, I find more despicable than claiming for a duck island) and for ‘servants’ quarters’ there is a lack of faith in the political class.

There is a generalised fear that the far right  BNP will garner some of the votes of those who are disillusioned and really, that is my key motivator to vote – possibly because the system of voting by lists and parties is somewhat different for these elections.

So I’ll go to vote not least because there is more likelihood that the turnout will be low and therefore the votes cast will have more ‘strength’ and to register an opposite view to those based on the hard and dangerous right.

Like the rest of the country, I’m expecting a massive ‘no confidence’ vote in the government and possibly in all of the main stream political parties.

As for my own first choice vote, I’m still undecided. I’m a generally a liberal minded pro-European. I can never vote Conservative and have no inclination whatsoever to vote Labour. It usually deposits me at the door of the Liberal Democrats – who tend to appeal to my warm and fuzzy ‘social justice’ nature and probably will again today although I may be tempted by the Green Party again.

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  1. Hi slightly changing subjest here, but can you tell me what a Three Line Whip involves as far as a CMHT is involved ? Cos my ASW said the team would be in one all morning and one of the admin staff mentioned something about them being ‘all over the place’. ASW assured me clients won’t suffer ! Personally I think it sounds a bit iffy.I have googled it but can only get the political/parliamentary version of events !

    Sis xxx

  2. Hi!
    I can only imagine it was used in the sense of everyone having to be present for a particular meeting – possibly because a big announcement was being made – and that they would have no possibility of sneaking out/taking telephone calls etc…

  3. Oh, you had the lists south of the border as well? I thought it was a Scotland-only thing, as we have lists for the Scottish Parliament as well.

    I voted Green as well. The UK Greens may conjure up the words “pissup” and “brewery”, BUT in the Euro parliament they join the much more sensible and better organised French and German green parties. Plus, the Europarliament’s main strenght is in drafting environmental regulations for the commission anyway.

    • No, we didn’t have lists. I got it wrong (shows how much attention I paid in the run-up!) but didn’t realise until I showed up at the polling station! We did have a ballot paper at least a foot long though!

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