I am a bit down today for a few reasons  but most selfishly because I seem to have developed a sore throat which is affecting my mental well-being. Not significantly to be honest but less than fully perky!

But nothing really creates more of a downer than the election of two BNP MEPs in the UK. To those lucky enough not to know the details, the British National Party is a far right blatantly racist party running on, well, there’s no need to explain the manifesto. It’s pretty clear-cut. And something I honestly thought would never happen here – in that delightful head-in-the-sand kind of way that I try to think positively.

I expect part of the reason is the malaise of the political class. Trust and confidence have been lost in the ‘system’. The growth of a class of ‘career politicians’ who are desperately detached from reality seems to have heightened the gap between the government and the governed and while details of the expense claims being published are for the most part inconsequential – after all – I understand that UK parliamentarians are not as well compensated for their time and work as those in other countries – it was more that there was a perceived ‘entitlement’ to such different treatment.

If MPs had been brave enough to just vote themselves a clear-cut pay increase years ago instead of trying to fiddle every last penny from a claims system that is not fit for purpose, it would not have been so damaging over the longer term.

I am far from a political pundit but I don’t expect Brown to last much longer. Partly though, the reason for the election of the extremist parties was the very small turnout in the elections and the amount of abstentions/non-votes.

I am actually embarrassed to think that the UK will be represented by unreconstructed racists and xenophobes.

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