Friday Mix

It’s been a long week. For a variety of reasons that would probably come over as whiny or irrelevant, it has been one of the more difficult periods of work. It isn’t over yet – I still have Friday to get through but the end is in sight – not least with my longer (well, a week or so) holiday now shifting into sight. One more week of work left before I go.. . . .

On that basis, I thought to share a few links of things that have caught my attention but haven’t quite been able to form coherently into full posts!

I was amused by the Daily Mail story about a weight-loss initiative being piloted in Essex where there is an offer of a £1 shopping voucher for every pound of weight lost. I find the idea vaguely appealing – I wonder if you could put on weight just to earn money by losing it.. I expect not.

Yesterday, the BBC reported that

People living alone in middle-age had twice the risk of dementia than those who were living with a partner.

But widows and widowers had three times the risk of dementia.

It seems that the study, in Finland related to a particular gene type as well. I expect it is about general life patterns, events and social interactions.

In a related story, Time Magazine confirms that for older people (and younger too, I presume) wider social circles and more friends could guard against cognitive decline. I haven’t read Time for a while, but I was amazed at the patronising tone of the article which concludes

if you visit with Grandma more often and let her know that a regular pastime may just help her stay fitter and sharper longer

So thanks, Time, for one more reason to visit Grandma!

Community Care reports that the Commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery wants to encourage more mental health nurses to take up the AMHP role and have been disappointed by the low take up.

Interesting that the commission is headed by a junior minister and has it’s own website to take comments and ideas as well as share information. Compare and contrast with the Social Work Taskforce which was set up under political pressure by a minister who hasn’t a jot of interest in any of the issues facing social work and has relied on over-subscribed ‘meetings’ to get the views of social workers although the time and space limited nature of their ‘information gathering workshops’ meant that only those who were able to sign up with days  could even get to attend these ‘meetings’ – no, I’m not bitter.. well, ok, maybe just a wee bit.


And on that note, a very happy Friday – after all, it’s nearly the weekend..