It was a little quieter when I went back to work again after the weekend and a few days off sick. The summer often quietens down, staff-wise at least, as people tend to take the time off during the school holidays. While still at the edges of kicking back into full action, I spent the day drumming through files and making lists of things to do – as well as tidying up the edges around those things that I had left in a rush before going away.

I am good at lists. I have lists of lists. I have tried many different methods of list-writing. I used to have a dedicated ‘to-do’ book. Now, my lists live either in my diary (if I am out and about and remember things on the go) or in my office Outlook (I like ticking off the tasks completed) or, in a new attempt to be extra-organised along with the acquisition (well, it wasn’t really a purchase, more a replacement for lost/stolen phone) smart phone  I am making attempts to put all my visits and tasks onto Google Calendar.

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I know it takes time but I like to think of it as planning time and if nothing else, it helps me to feel more in control of what I am doing and my timetable. Even if that is an illusion that doesn’t exist, the perception helps me keep pounding on through the busier moments.

Sometimes, in fact, more often than not, the thought of returning to work is much worse than the reality. It was good to see people, colleagues and those that I work with and for. To catch up with events and to feel like I’m cranking back up to full steam. I imagine it won’t be long now until the holiday feels like a lifetime away but at least I have managed to retain a degree of serenity.

And arranged another assessment for later this week.. all documented in my task lists, calendars and diaries.. online and on paper.

3 thoughts on “Lull

  1. Three cheers for lists! I am totally with you on the satisfaction side of things, and as I have the short term memory of a stoned goldfish I’d be screwed without them. Hope you hang on to that degree of serenity,

    Lola x

  2. May I suggest you read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, if you haven’t already. Fantastic lists-on-steroids sort of a book.

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