I am currently out of the office on ‘training’. I am learning all about a new wonderful database system which will supersede those we are currently using.

Again. Oh, but this one is better, this one will reduce the amount of hours spent on it. This one will finally be a means to share information more wholly, effectively and will finally do away with paper filing. Except it won’t. Because we still need to print out and file everything on paper anyway. And, as I commented to the person sitting next to me, we’ll be back in a couple of years, learning about the next system.

I am a little cynical perhaps, but we are inundated with new systems and have been consistently. I am not afraid of these computer systems like some of my colleagues, I can even see the benefits but they change at such a rate that some people try to ignore their existence and for as long as the central and local government doesn’t consider the importance of the health and social care systems actually linking up then any work done will of course, have to be produced in triplicate on a health system, a social care system and a paper file system.

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This system is an NHS system. It seems pretty straightforward and intuitive and although not wanting to be cocky, I can’t understand wholly why I needed two days out of the office to learn about it. I can see the benefits of having a nice new sparkly system that talks to other systems and this time… in colour!

My grumpiness wasn’t eased  yesterday went the trainer told me (!) I was the first social worker she had trained that hadn’t ‘given her problems’?!

I told her half-jokingly that I could give her problems if she wanted me to but she didn’t get the joke and snarled me down until I reverted to gazing out of the window while others were being taken through the relatively basic instructions on how to open and close new windows again and again. And explanations that if you press the big red button that says ‘delete’ then it will be more difficult to get your work back on the screen…

No doubt I have another exhilarating day ahead of me..

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  1. Hmmm…and then people wonder why the ECDL qualification is a requirement to qualify nowadays!

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