7 thoughts on “The Mess of the GSCC

  1. From my viewpoint as an ‘unqualified’ worker the GSCC seems to be mainly concerned with increasing barriers to the profession and then adding extra hurdles once you reach the profession.

  2. It seems to have found itself in a position of utmost fogginess. It is not supposed to be solely for or about social workers but more for everyone in the field of social care.

  3. I noted your post in the Care Space forum. The GSCC and a whole host ot other Dorks visit my website frequently, so if it is a first for you it must indicate you are becoming a threat.

    Keep it up 🙂


  4. Wilt – I am usually of the mind to let sleeping dogs lie but a combination of factors (not least the conference actually) really riled me!

  5. Well said. Have you noticed that only two out of the ten GSCC council members are Registered Social Workers and neither practicing? One is a retired Director of Social Services, the other the head of a school of social work. The other eight members of the council are a selection of the usual general-purpose consultants, advisers and Quangoistas.

    • brick – That’s one of my issues with the GSCC – it’s all consultants, academics and senior managers who probably got out of front-line work as soon as they could.

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