5 thoughts on “Hopes and Balls

  1. I agree with you entirely, particularly on the GSCC overly complicated routes of post-qualification, being in the process of registration as a Qualified Social Worker, I’m daunted about the prospect that lies ahead of me.

    In which ways do you believe social work could be more proactive and prevent other than fix?

    • To be honest, I’d need to think a little more clearly about that – but I do think we have to be involved in the process – probably using BASW as there is a lot of scope for them to become a more effective voice for social workers. I just see (and am afraid of becoming, in all honesty) social workers almost turning into local authority automatons – working to targets and not necessarily considering the theoretical bases of the work that is carried out.
      I do think that research in social work needs to be promoted. I am guilty of complacency myself though and many of these posts are as much for me to call myself to arms and as anything else.
      It is something I do need to construct more effectively in my own mind though!

  2. Cheer up cb,

    At least they haven’t brought in a bearded becardiganed hot air balloon millionaire to sort you out. They have for GP practices. Though I’m not sure an agony aunt from the Sun is any better..

  3. The idea of a Social Work Task Force being run by the very people who are making families lives a total misery scares me. Ok, I agree that these’s “task forces” need to understand how things work and in an ideal world the perfect candidates would be social workers themselves, but with the huge amount of incompetence and corruption in the social services/CAFCASS/family court circles, how can competent people be weeded out to run these task forces?
    Maybe a better option would be a task force run by the very people who have their lives ripped apart by social services?
    People who have been subjected to witch hunts and had to fight for 5 odd years to keep hold of their precious children due to over zealous, inexperienced social workers, often with no support due to the lovely “gagging orders” that social workers say are to protect children but are really to protect their own arses?
    Just a thought…

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