Get Moving Week!

This week, in the run up to World Mental Health Day on 10th October, Time to Change are running (pun intended) a ‘Get Moving’ Week, to focus attention on the need for physical activity to promote better mental wellbeing.

As they say on their website

From the 3-11 October, local Mind and Rethink associations, health care providers and individuals will hold hundreds of events to bring people with differing experiences of mental health together to promote better understanding and combat discrimination.

In London, the week is building up to the

Get Moving and Dance festival in Regents Park on Saturday. The idea is to promote movement, activity but also social interaction and it’s free and open to all! I hope to attend although a little bit of home redecoration might possibly distract me at the weekend. In any case it seems like a fun (and free!) way to celebrate on Saturday if you are in and around London.

[picapp src=”0236/6cbf96bb-f4ba-4182-8eba-61f70626367c.jpg?adImageId=4860510&imageId=239817″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

There are all sorts of activities taking place all around the country and it certainly seems both worthy and enjoyable.

The underlying goal of these events and activities is to challenge stigma surrounding mental illness and also to promote mental wellbeing across the board. And I think there’s something positive to take from that for everyone.