Caring with Confidence

I was pointed in the direction of  the link of Caring with Confidence directly by some of those responsible for its implementation – not having been aware of its existence – but having checked it out briefly (to ensure authenticity – because often I am pointed in the direction of people paid stuff or other dodgy businesses!) I’m more than happy to share the link!

It is a free programme sponsored by the government as part of the Carer’s Strategy  to provide support, information and particularly access to training to informal carers over 18  across England. Having looked at the site, I think it seems to be a positive step and definitely a resource that I would add to my ‘toolkit’ and follows on in the footsteps of the Expert Carers Programme. I haven’t had any experience of people I personally know following the Expert Carers Programme but from those that I personally know who have followed the Expert Patient’s Programme, the feedback has been enormously positive so on that basis I’d think it can be no bad thing.

It seems to be a very flexible approach to providing the information that is all too often ‘out there’ but has, sometimes, needed to be sifted through and they are offering online courses as well as face-to-face group sessions and workbooks to help carers access a full and substantial training programme to ensure that their needs are met or at least, an awareness of where the needs haven’t been met or that entitlements have not been offered.

I’m almost ashamed to say I had never come across this before – especially as in our team, we do a massive amount of work with carers and anything that will be able to add support to the structures that all too often don’t do enough.

I have been a little rushed over the past couple of weeks but I hope that over the next few weeks, I might have more opportunity to investigate the material but as it’s freely accessible, I’d also welcome any feedback from anyone who does so..

As far as I’m concerned, the more free and accessible resources available, the better!