Inside View

Just a quick post this morning as I had a little and completely non-serious accident involving my thumb  and a fast-closing door meeting an an uncomfortably fast speed and thus am finding typing more painful than usual..

But The Times prints a story by Edward Monkton detailing  his personal experience with depression. It’s a good piece and helpful to see the ‘male’ perspective. Hopefully more detailed coverage of the experiences of others will assist in the ‘destigmatising’ process.

The government also announced a programme of extending the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) programme freely available on the NHS to couples facing relationship difficulties.

The idea is that it will tackle potentially much more serious mental health difficulties by ‘nipping them in the bud’.

However the scheme is already short of practitioners and has not met targets set initially so the announcement might be a little overambitious.

Wow, I didn’t realist how much more time it took to type with 9 digits when you are accustomed to touch-typing..