New Horizons in Mental Health

New Horizons, which is the 10 year plan for Mental Health strategies and plans is finally published today after a long gestation period of consultations. It is the successor to the National Service Framework for Mental Health which covered the periods between 1999 – 2009 so just about makes it out by the end of the year.

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There has been much discussion about its contents, none of which are likely to be a surprise but it is hoped that the renewed focus can reinvigorate the service delivery although there is little appetite for new government strategies and ideas, this has been expected for a long while.

It is thought that the report will focus on prevention and  with that in mind, the Guardian reported yesterday that additional funds will be available for funding research in the fields of mental health – in fact, a tripling of funds from £50m to £150m per year.

The other focus is on wellbeing and general mental and physical wellbeing being a way to prevent mental ill health developing further. This may mean more focus on tackling mental health at earlier stages through ‘talking therapies’, indeed, the BBC reports

The 10-year strategy is expected to call for better identification of those most at risk and wider access to psychological therapies for patients.

I don’t really expect any additional surprises alongside what we already know from the public consultation documents but it does represent an important move in the focus of mental health services over the next decade.

2 thoughts on “New Horizons in Mental Health

  1. we are changing in our locality – no more CMHT we are going to be called an Access and Well- being team instead all in the line with the new horizons document BUT when we ask how this will be different to a CMHT no one can really tell us so i guess its a case of watch this space ( well not this one in particular but i will tell you all if we do anything radical!)

    • Sounds like an interesting development! I wonder if the team will actually be more accessible though or if the work will be any different. I’d definitely be interested in an update!

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