Towards Christmas

Certainly it’s been picking up this week in terms of the rush – and compounded by more than the usual number of people off work at any given period, mean that it’s likely to be a busy week.

I am used to working over the Christmas period – I can’t remember the last time I had the Christmas period off work and in some ways, my work can serve to compound the fortunate state that I find myself in general in my life and situation. As for this week itself, today I have to do and visit someone who is very unlikely to be in when I visit – it might seem unnecessary but it is a part of a concerted attempt to ‘make contact’ – probably in the precursor to other methods of outreach being attempted although to be honest, between the team, we’ve tried most things.

Last week, I had a call at the tail end of the week from a carer who is the daughter of a woman that I work with to tell me a close family member had died very unexpectedly. I assured that I would pop in this week. And there are a couple of pre-Christmas visits to people I am more concerned about – who have had particularly difficult years and might need some extra support and assistance through the so-called ‘festive’ period. I don’t say that as a cynic but simply that, in my experience, it can be one of the more miserable times of the year for those who are alone or without family.

I try to spend the week between Christmas and the New Year in the office and ‘dealing with emergencies’. I have scheduled a couple of visits for those I am most concerned about but generally, it can be a good time to catch up on paperwork when the office is quieter than usual.

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For me, I rather like Christmas. Girl wanted a traditional English Christmas. So I bought a Turkey.. for the three of us. I was intending to buy a Turkey Crown at the very most, just on a quantity scale and fear for the amount of food involved but she sounded heartbroken and REALLY wanted a leg of Turkey. I bought the smallest turkey I could find but I still worry about quite the amount of leftovers that it’ll be generated. I am trying to make it as traditional a Christmas as possible although ironically we never really did Christmas much in our house. We have some assorted presents under the tree but have had, unsurprisingly, a tearful weekend with thoughts of being away from family at Christmas time and a time that is emphasised as being for families to be together.

My friends and family have been good about including her in our present-giving and card-giving rounds. Especially grateful as I’ve been a little lax with presents this year!

Apart from Christmas, there’s the thought that my dad would have been 70 on Wednesday. Each of these ‘moments’ without him – my first birthday, his first birthday, Christmas/Festivals … they bring it home. If they weren’t so hard on the annual leave, I would have taken the day off to be honest because I doubt my mind will be particularly well-focussed but I have endeavoured to arrange some of my last ‘pre-Christmas’ visits for that day so I’m unlikely to hit the office (so to speak) very much.

But at least I have four days off over the weekend.

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  1. I hope that you have a good time with your foster child and hope that you are able to enjoy the good memories of your dad while you adjust to life without his presence.

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