Of Snowiness

Really it was a fairly busy day yesterday. The person I had been scheduled to visit and had completely expected to be out when I called was actually in. Of course, he wouldn’t let me in but we managed a fairly useful chat through the front door and kitchen window. He had some choice words about ‘social workers’ but although I had clearly introduced myself (when he levered the front door open to see my face) he seemed quite happy to continue shouting in my direction for a while. At least we’ve tracked him down and he has agreed to further visits – hopefully beyond the front door but I’m happy to work it either way!

I also popped in to another visit that I had scheduled where there were some unexpected local difficulties with various care package issues over the Christmas holidays and a carer who had had some personal difficulties and I wanted to check that everything was in place and working as best it could.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=snow&iid=7203624″ src=”5/9/3/f/Mountain_goats_in_d610.jpg?adImageId=8517745&imageId=7203624″ width=”500″ height=”339″ /]

It started snowing when I made my way back to the office. By the time I arrived I resembled a snowman – completely covered in a sheet of white. And cold.

We joked amongst ourselves about having difficulties getting home but relying on the Transport for London website, I happily assured everyone that there were no problems on public transport. When one of the  less optimistic nurses muttered about having to spend the night in the office if it snowed too much, I happily said that if that were the case, I would walk home –it’s only 5 miles after all (I checked the distances on Google!).

As the snow began to fall more heavily and was obviously settling, we were told to leave early if necessary. That was at 4.30pm. Oh, how I cursed my previous jauntiness. One traffic jam, one broken bus, a long walk, a tube journey and another walk later, I arrived home just about 7.45pm.

The worst part was definitely trying to walk on what quickly became sheet ice.

The most inappropriately funny part was when the bus driver told us to stop moving around on the bus in case it started sliding downhill.

The stupidest part was that I didn’t just get the underground to start with and that I even made an attempt on the bus.

But you live and learn.