Social Work Blog Awards

Active Social Work – a great blog of information and resources for social workers is promoting a series of awards for social work specific blogs.


The idea is that it will encompass 2010 – and nominations will be followed by a voting period.

There are different categories and blogs can be nominated for more than one category but they must be written for social workers or by a social worker.. . . . however nominations and voting is open to everyone.

One of the motivating factors was to help build and create a community amongst social work bloggers internationally which is always something I would wholeheartedly support.

I was starting to put together a list of my nominations but I keep thinking of more and more.. it’s hard to narrow down and decide so early in the year..

Anyway, I’d encourage people dropping by to amble over there and look at the process – – – and to check out the information on the blog which is a fine example of what can be achieved and is already proving itself to be an invaluable information source for me.

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