Personalisation and Anti-Racist Practice – A SWAN Event

I was sent the following information by SWAN (Social Work Action Network) London Group whose aims I wholeheartedly support – to publicise an event that they are holding in London on the 24th April.

‘The London group of the Social Work Action Network (SWAN) is holding a half-day seminar and discussion around Personalisation and Anti-Racist Practice which will take place on Saturday 24th April.

This will be an opportunity to critically explore and discuss these two highly topical issues for social work today: the former in the context of the general election and talks over how to fund and deliver social care, and the latter with the rise of the BNP and Islamophobia in Britain.

The event will take place from 10am-2pm at Finsbury Library, 245 St John St, London EC1V 4NB (nearest tube: Angel). The event will be £5 for waged, £2 for low/unwaged. To register for this event please send an email to:

The seminar includes the following speakers: Pat Stack (Chair, London Self-Directed Support Forum), Mark Lymbery (University of Nottingham), Surinder Guru (University of Birmingham), June Sadd (Equalities Consultant and SWAN National Chair) and Weyman Bennett (Unite Against Fascism).

We hope to generate a strong and energetic debate that will reequip and reinvigorate all those involved in social work.
Finally, please feel free to forward this message to colleagues who may wish to participate.

Kind regards,
Social Work Action Network, London’

I am not sure at the moment if I’ll personally be able to attend due to some date clashing that I’m not sure I’ll be able to ‘unclash’  but I’d definitely recommend attending as it sounds fascinating!

And if anyone reading this does attend, I’d love to have a write-up covering it afterwards!

P.S Massive thanks to Natalia of Active Social Work for helping with the new header (helping in the sense of completely designing!).

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  1. The new design of the blog reminds me of the entrance to a prison!!!!!!!

    I dashed out of googlemail to look at it. Bit of a retrograde step…your blog was really original…the pics clean, it looked balanced.

    Maybe it doesn’t matter, there are many days, weeks months, years to evolve, to involve others in the design, but in a way, this design doesn’t really speak of the content, the contributions and the effort that has gone into it.

    I’d love your thoughts!

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