I just noticed that my 500th post was posted last week. I don’t usually measure my blog anniversary because I had a bit of a false start into the blogging ‘game’. But I think it’s a useful point to look back over the couple of years since I started and make a few reflections.

I think the blogging has improved my knowledge base and practice. It allows me a little space of my own to comment and think about wider policy as well as issues that come to me in practice.

As is understandably the case, a lot of what I do at work –  I’ll never write about and that includes some of the assessments that have challenged me the most, some of the work about which I’m most proud or some of the situations that would seem to have arisen straight out of a work of fiction – simply because I don’t wish for anyone to be even remotely identified on the blog. And sometimes the nature of the work is that those would be the ones that would be most identifiable.

One of the massive differences from when I started is a blooming of the social work blogging community. Mostly internationally, as can be seen by the Social Work Blog Directory and its exponential growth.

When I started, I wrote about things that I wanted to read about. I couldn’t find another UK social work blog. So I started one. That isn’t to say there wasn’t another one out there – just that I hadn’t been able to find it!

Now, I’m really excited to find blogs like Wall, Social Worker to Be, Active Social Work , The Masked AMHP – taking up the reins.

When I think to the start, I recall some of the first ‘connections’ I made, particularly with the writers of Trench Warfare, Amy’s Life in Brief, Anti-Social Social Worker and Awake and Dreaming and a couple of others who have retired long since. It seems like such a long way has been made since those days.

Sometimes I have wished I could be more amusing, more witty, more informative, more skilled in writing but I think I have arrived at a point where my writing style has developed around me and I know I can be ponderous but I spend very little time editing these days, compared to the earlier halycon days!

I have contemplated bringing things to an end over the last week, I have to be honest. Things have been hectic at home and at work and I am refreshed by the freedom not to feel the obligation that I had set upon myself to reflect and account for the different things that have been happening around me. Like others,  I’d considered a more personal, non-anonymous blog to collect together my wider thoughts and allow me space for discussions more related to politics (as the election approaches), sociology and just random TV programmes I might have been watching last night..

But then I feel pangs about leaving the blog behind. I know without updates it would become stale very quickly and I might regret it.

I like what I have created. I make no allusions to it being anything spectacular or for anyone except me really.

I am thinking about slowing down a little though. Perhaps. Let’s see if I can resist!

Meanwhile, I’d like to thank everyone who does stop by and engage with discussion. I know I’ve been a little less on the ball with responses that I was – mainly because I’m trying to spend more time away from the computer – but, I’m not going anywhere.. for now!

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6 thoughts on “500

  1. You know, even if you did slow down or even quit, you’ve created a massive resource for social workers and others alike. The quality of your writing amazes me. 🙂

  2. I would miss your blog if you stopped writing it. I like it.. But blogs are for the author first and foremost, and so if it doesn’t feel right for you to be writing it then that is your choice. I am sure that for as long as you have something to say you will have readers though.

  3. Today is Finding Ada day!!! Which is for women to pledge to write a blog post about women in science and technology. I think this blog is fantastic and would like to write something about how balanced it is:


    What a real achievement!

  4. Hi there, as someone who has only just (last week) started blogging and in no small part inspired by your own blog, I’d really miss it if you stopped altogether. Having said that if it starts to feel like a chore then I guess you need to keep an eye on it, reflect and decide. Maybe just reducing the frequency will take the pressure off.

    Whatever you decide please don’t doubt that you have a loyal and interested readership….I’m sure the other blogs you reference are ace but yours is the only social work blog I regularly read! Thank you, it is appreciated.

  5. I love your blog! Don’t stop! I have had to set up more realistic goals for myself with my blog…I try to blog once a month, but that doesn’t always happen…your blog is great!! Way to go on the 500th post!

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