I pondered at work yesterday if it was classed as ‘sad’ that I had taken Friday off work specifically because I wanted to stay up on Thursday all night to watch the the election result and follow the immediate aftermath on the TV on Friday.

Maybe I should have just said I wanted a long weekend…

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It came up as we discussed some more reconfiguration plans during a team meeting and there were definite jitters in the room about what the service might look like and how it might catch with a different government.  What’s definite though is that what kind of government we have, there will be more changes ahead.


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One thought on “Changes

  1. Yes, we’ve had lots of uncomfortable discussions this week about what might happen after next week- not so much about whether there will be cuts as that seems to be a given, but more about how many cuts there will be and where they will fall (whose jobs and which services).

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