Eating for Health

I know there is a lot of research that can be found to prove or disprove any number of things and often the kinds of research and the people who fund it need to be explored more fully but a couple of things that cheered me up on my first Friday back at work.

From the BBC – a mouthful (surely they mean a bar.. ) of dark chocolate a day can reduce blood pressure!

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OK, OK, if you look at the research, they were comparing a sample group eating dark chocolate with a sample group eating white chocolate and the grumpy old British Heart Foundation confirms that chocolate is a  “treat not treatment”. Oh, and the fact that chocolate is high in fat and calories probably doesn’t make it the healthiest way to reduce blood pressure.. still.. I’ll go and buy some chocolate with a spring in my step!

The Telegraph also reports this morning that sweet drinks can reduce stress and aggression and the research they quote, suggests that you should have a sweet drink before a stressful situation. I wonder if this is why sweet, milky tea is such a comfort drink!

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But, just before you think it’s all about eating those ‘treats’ , dentists in South Korea have reported that eating large burgers can lead to jaw injuries..

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Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Eating for Health

  1. I’ll miss out the burger this lunchtime then and just have the coke and chocolate in light of this new research!

  2. Actually, there are studies that show how helpful dark chocolate can be for one’s diet. It is rich in antioxidants that stave off illness, low-fat some forms (the more pure forms, I believe) have been shown to help lower either cholesterol or high blood pressure in some cases. It is milk chocolate (which of course contains milk, sugar and other not-so-good ingredients) that isn’t so good for you.

    Eating for health can of course offer benefit in the physical form. But it can also help to fix certain imbalances and irregularities inside of us that can cause behavioral issues and emotional issues. It’s one of the reasons that a proper diet is suggested with a holistic approach to the treatment of some mental illnesses such as depression or addiction.

    The general rule for making this work is to consume mostly (or totally if you can) natural or organic foods. This will eliminate many of the additives and preservatives that cause or aggravate so many health problems. It is also recommended that you eat a certain number of meals per day and drink plenty of fresh water (64 oz. minimum but preferably more) to keep the body running in top condition.

    It is never a good think to assume that foods high in sugar, fat or processes will have a positive effect on one’s body. If nature intended for those foods to have all those things, it would have added them itself. Stick to natural foods (dark chocolate being one of them, but in moderation of course) and you’ll find that eating for health can help you get a variety of problems under control, including focus, memory and emotional health.

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